Bespoke Cycling

Bridging the gap between fitting a bike, and selling one.


  • Discovery
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Database Development

Bespoke has three shops in London that cater to serious cyclists of all levels of experience. Every bike they sell begins with what they believe is the single best improvement you can make in your cycling efficiency, comfort, performance and enjoyment: a bike fitting.

We were hired to develop a highly visual application that helps make a bike-fitting not only a richer experience, but also much more useful in terms of buying a bike.

The result is an iPad optimized web-app that sits at the heart of the bike-fit process. Built on WordPress with a user-experience that is immediately understandable to clients, the ‘4D Fit’ app works seamlessly as a sales tool by matching clients to ideal bikes and providing them with detailed specs and product photos during the fitting. A spec sheet can be emailed to the client as a PDF should they need a little more time to make the big decision. An alternative PDF is also generated for use by Bespoke’s engineers when building the custom bike.

Bespoke Fit App iPad screens
Bespoke fitter with iPad
Fit App bike matrix Bespoke Fit App compare screen
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